My First Single On #iTunes NOW!! “IM ME”


“Im Me” – IM Me Album Single.




As always, thanks for checking out the blog…I have posted in a while but its all been coming together, we will get into that later…So, a few months ago, we released the “NDOTJAY” App for FREE for ALL Android users!! I was pretty exciting to see that I finally had my OWN app!! NOW, I know that its all about the #iPhone SO, pretty soon, I will have the iPhone APP available for you all too! In the mean time, Droidions, check the links below for the official app OR just search NDOTJAY in the app store! Thanks for the support!

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“Love Lost” NEW SINGLE!!

Here is the official version of “Love Lost”
This record is a single from “The Im Me Project”. I produced it. I Rapped & wrote it, obviously. I SANG the hook. I also mixed it.

I am very excited to share this with yall because it was my first attempt at singing and I think I did a GREAT GREAT JOB!!! This is also a new try at a new sound! So kudos to ME! lol

The single will be available for download very soon on my Bandcamp.

If you subscribe you can be the FIRST to get the song AND FOR FREE!!

Thanks for all the support I truly appreciate it ALL!! Lets GOOOOO!!!!!!!

LOVE LOST     <<<<<<<<< TAKE A LISTEN!!!!!!!

Brand New MUSIC!!!!


AYEEEEEEE so I have some BRAND NEW MUSIC to show yall, I just finished up TWO tracks that I have been working on lately and I finally got around to getting ONE of them up here on the site! SO, check it out below!

This will be on the “I’m Me” project (previously known as 7 days)

Song: OOhh La Love -Produced,Mixed,Recorded,Written,Performed by NdotJay & Wood (on the hook)

But peep! Thanks for listening I appreciate it so much!!

“Music Is Life” First Single! “I Can’t”!!

If you don’t know by now, I REP MUSIK LYFE! –

What we have right here is the beginning of something GREAT! Something that will be bigger than music! I’m talking about “Creative Unity”! –

What exactly is “Creative Unity”? Well, let me explain.

This is an attempt at bringing together music artists from all around the world to accomplish a single goal. The goal is to being and showcase GREAT MUSIC! MLMG and I will be putting together and bringing you collaborations between Musik Lyfe artists and artists from every corner of the Globe!

The objective of this project is to show that we, MLMG, are versatile and ready to take on any challenge that this industry has to offer. We want to show that we not ONLY do music, but we are able to do so and make a positive impact.

“Music Is Life” Vol.1 will not be JUST one genre, this will be EVERYTHING! And I MEAN EVERYTHING! The mistake I feel most people make when putting together compilation albums is that they ONLY cater to one specific genre.

So, in closing, take a moment and enjoy the first single & a little more information from The Project. Thank you!!!

(any artists that want to be apart of this, feel free to submit some music to musik.lyfeMG(@) – put “Music Is Life” is subject line!)

I Cant (’til i get on) by NdotJay – Deondrae Deashion – Jayy Diggz

Follow Me Back In Time- “What You Wanna Do”?

Lets travel back in time for a minute (who you know can do that?) BUT here is a track that I dropped earlier this year with my homie @Mr609 (MADMAN Official). As I said before, dude is CRAZY with the music so you ALREADY know this is a classic! It Could turn into a music video, who knows!

Anyhow, we linked up to create some MORE future music! And when I say Future Music I MEAN IT! This track goes so hard! The production, lyrics and the vibe all tie together to tell an all to familiar story! So check it out!!!

Produced By: @NdotJay/@Mr609

Written By: @NdotJay/@Mr609

Rap Vocals: @NdotJay

Hook Vocals: @Mr609

What You Wanna Do feat. MadMan